Ona Setut

HP=5 defense=10 attack=10 special ability: hellfire bomb, shadow drain


hellfire bomb: this attack damages all enemies, buffs allies, healing wounds and all XP is divided equally. highly damaging to commanders.

reflex save: enemy must roll a check of 5 to stop the evasion. 4 or below results in a successful dodge. applies to all characters.

shadow drain saps AP from enemies and converts it to HP for all allies. if at full health, HP is converted to XP. kills commanders in 2 turns

GM has priority over this character.


Ona Setut knew the invasion was coming but was rebuffed. despite her desperate pleas to the London citizens arm themselves, her enemies also argued strenuously against her recommendations. as a result, an easily stopped invasion dragged on for 4 years, as her

detractors urged hiding and anarchy to solve their problems, the demons marched through, putting to the sword, man woman and child. tired of this carnage, she has returned to kill the commander and end the war.

Ona Setut

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