Sore Erah

health 10 speed 10 attack 10 defense 1


sore Erah is meant to be played by an expert player. she has no defensive capabilities but has excellent, speed, evasion and attack strength. critical hits will give back health as long as the target dies within 60 seconds. move set is 3


Sore Erah began her life living as a beggar on the streets of London. when the demonic I

invasion started, she fled to her father’s house and trained for years to hone her skills. amid

the death and blood, she scoured the streets for odds and ends to sell, engaged in hit and

run attacks against demon patrols and tried yet failed to join the home guard. seeing her

chance for proper warfare crushed, Erah resigned herself to a life of thievery and defense

defending London from those who would destroy it.

Sore Erah

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